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Published On 07/11/2011

Spring 2014 Student Evaluation of Clinical Experience

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Student Badges

All clinical students are now required to have a photo ID badge from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare while they are in a rotation at one of our facilities. Consult the Badge Process (PDF) document on how to obtain a student badge.

Student/Faculty oneChart Information

Student Single Sign On – Reset your password with SSO. Anytime you forget your password you can use this feature to reset it. 

Establishing a New Custom PAL – Student User-Guide for Cerner One Chart Patient Custom List

Student Background Checks and Drug Screenings

A background check is required for all clinical students within 12 months of entry of start of clinical rotation at a MLH facility. A ten-panel urine drug screen is also required no greater than 30 days prior to the date of commencement of service at facility.  Each student participating in a clinical experience at Methodist’s Olive Branch and other Mississippi facilities will be required to comply with Methodist policy and procedure which may include fingerprint background screening and additional fees.

Our vendor of choice for these items is Verified Credential.  Visit the Verified Credential website to purchase required background check and to pay for ten-panel urine drug screen. 

Nursing Student Clinical Experience Guidelines - Nursing Student Policy (PDF)

Patient Identification and Armband Use Policy

Patients are identified using two patient identifiers prior to any of the following interactions. The patient or, as appropriate, a family member is asked to state the patient's name whenever possible and the patient name AND patient financial / billing number are used as the two patient identifiers.

  • Treatment
  • Procedure
  • Specimen Collection
  • Therapy
  • Medication Administration
  • Blood/blood product administration
  • Placement of a patient "condition" armband

Patients receiving the above interactions, not issued an armband or FIN is not readily available, shall be identified by name and date of birth. In the event there is a question about patient identification, non-emergent interactions as listed above will be delayed until the question is resolved. Policy attached here.

oneChart Cerner Electronic Medical Record

All faculty should schedule an opportunity to attend Cerner training with Karen McFadden. These sessions are typically offered at the beginning of each semester. Faculty are NOT allowed to supervise students in the clinical setting without first attending this training. 

Faculty & Student Access

Students and faculty should use the Cerner Nursing Student Form to request a CERNER login ID and password. This form is the most up-to-date Cerner request form. Older versions of the form are no longer accepted. In order to receive the Login IDs, a cover sheet with contact person's email address must be included with the faxed forms.

  • Date of Expiration - Ideally this form should only be filled out once for each student and faculty member. Please make sure the student fills out the area which requests graduation date. If the correct graduation date is written, the login will be active until that time. Day, month and year are required for date of graduation; if exact date not known, list the last day of the month. Faculty members can list a "fake date of graduation" which could be two to four years out to ensure that they will have continued access.
  • Complete the entire form - All areas must be complete in order to process form (excluding the bottom marked "For Methodist Le Bonheur Clinical Programs only"). If all areas are not filled in, this will delay processing of the student's login ID. Faculty members are encouraged to thoroughly check all forms before submitting to avoid delays.
  • Login not working or inactivated - If a student of faculty ID is not working, please log a Help Desk Ticket on MOLLI listing a phone number (preferably cell) where Information Systems can get back in touch with the faculty member or student within the next 30 minutes. The ticket number that comes with the CERNER ID should be retained and used when submitting a help desk ticket. The ticket number will cause the ticket to "jump ahead" of those that do not have a previous ticket number. If you know a student's login is expired or will expire soon, notify Laura Long to request a reactivation or extension of their login.
  • Single Sign on to oneChart - Student Single Sign-On to oneChart - The OneSign Self-Service Portal is a web tool that allows you to enroll or update your self-service profile and reset your primary password. Students must perform steps 1-4 of the Single Sign On process before logging in to CERNER.

The Daily Patient Charting Guide (PDF) is meant to be a guide to the faculty member to assist students with charting requirements.

RN Faculty Review of Student Documentation

Faculty should observe all medication administration by the student nurses. A computer should be taken to the bedside when medications are administered.  At the end of your shift, review the MAR to ensure that all medications have been administered and documented.  Faculty should document review of Iview documentation using the RN Review section located in the VS Band.  Indicate each section reviewed in the RN bands/ forms reviewed section. Review of multiple Iview bands can be documented with one entry.

Annual Student Orientation on the TN Clinical Placement System (TCPS) Web site

All clinical students are required to complete an online orientation on the TCPS website on an annual basis. Many of our academic partners are also partners with TCPS and are already requiring their students to do this. For those who are not partners, your students can access the online orientation. Once the student completes the orientation module they should complete the online quiz. Each student should submit their passing quiz result to their nursing instructor. The school should develop their own tracking mechanism for the test results.

TN Clinical Placement System
TCPS Student Orientation
TCPS Quiz Learning Management System
TCPS Faculty Orientation

Guidelines for Students and Faculty performing Point of Care (Blood Glucose) testing

Students are allowed to perform blood glucose testing point of care (POC) on patients as long as the POC testing protocol is followed.

Accu-Chek POC Testing Protocol 
Accu-Chek Tips: Pediatric Accu-Chek Study Guide 
                     Adult Accu-Chek Inform II Study Guide
Training Material: Adult Initial Training Checklist and Adult Training Checklist Key
                        Pediatric Initial Training Checklist and Pediatric Initial Training Checklist Key

Annual Faculty Requirements

Record of Competency for clinical faculty should be submitted to Karen McFadden at the beginning of each academic year.

The Faculty Information Form should be submitted at the beginning of each academic year by the school to Karen McFadden. It is very important that we have an up-to-date email address for each faculty member as it is our primary mode of communication. 

Emergency response codes for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare – for faculty and student review.

Information for students coming to a Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Facility

Parking - information for the various facilities is listed above.

Required documentation for student observing - student should fill out the following two forms and fax to Karen McFadden at 901.516.8638.

  1. Confidentiality agreement
  2. Observation & Educational Participation Application
  3. The student or the school will need to provide the following information before the student is allowed to observe in the clinical setting.
    • Proof of immunity to measles
    • Proof of a negative TB skin test
    • Proof of immunity to chicken pox - unless history of the disease
    • Proof of vaccination against disease
  4. Online Orientation - The student will need to complete the online orientation at the TN Clinical Placement System website. 
  5. Student should read and adhere to the Methodist Healthcare Social Media Policy (PDF)

Parking for Students and Faculty Members

Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Each student is responsible for filling out the Student Parking Form and following Le Bonheur Security Guidelines. All Le Bonheur nursing students and faculty are to park in the North Pauline surface lot near the Poplar intersection effective Feb. 4, 2013. Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 is the last day for any Le Bonheur affiliates to park in the lot at Lake Grove Baptist Church.  Please see the Le Bonheur Parking Map. Each nursing student is responsible for coming to security and obtaining a parking permit prior to attending classes. Faculty can facilitate this process by bringing all forms at one time. Security is located on the fourth floor of the hospital and is open from 7:30 am to 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. You may contact Le Bonheur Security at 901.287.4456 for questions. 

Methodist Germantown

All nursing students and faculty should park on the top level of the Pavilion parking deck.

Methodist South

Students and faculty may park in the lower east parking lot on the north end of the east lot which is closer to the main entrance (circular driveway).

Methodist North

Students may park in the white colored parking spaces in the MH North parking lots.  All yellow spaces are for patients/visitors. Map for North Parking Lot.

Methodist Olive Branch

Students and faculty may park in the associate parking lot behind the helipad. Us the associate entrance at the rear of the hospital.

Methodist University

Students and faculty should park in the Associate Parking Garage on Bellevue.